Ways To Remove Facial Hair!

Hi guys, I thought today I would share the different methods of removing facial hair that I have learned about over the years along with what methods I use!


WAXING – I have been told for years that waxing makes the hairs grow back thicker and darker than before and for some people this is true, but I have also talked to people who wax and the hair does not grow back thicker nor darker.


I went to MAC Cosmetics today to pick up a new foundation and the makeup artist who was trying the foundation on me was extremely knowledgable about cosmetology so I asked him what the celebrities do to get rid of their upper lip hair and he told me they do a combo of electrolysis and CONSTANT waxing!

He said the reason that the hairs feel more like whiskers when they grow back after waxing them is because they sort of grow out in a blunt shape as opposed to just out and down making the hairs feel thicker and more like stubble.


I’d suggest trying this a few weeks before a big event and not the day before. I’ve read that some people have irritation and redness after their session and some have little white heads pop up within the next few days after their original appointment.


BLEACHING – This is one of the easiest and cheapest methods of removing unwanted facial hair and I have utilized this method many times before. I use Jolene Bleach from Ulta, it comes in a little green box that has one tub of white cream (the bleach) and one tube of a white powder substance (the accelerator) and you mix the two substances together on this little plastic sheet that comes in the package.


Then you apply the cream on the hair on your upper lip and let it do its thang for about 10 minutes, after that you just wash it off and wash your face with your daily cleanser. If it starts to itch and irritate your upper lip earlier than 10 minutes, wash it off immediately. Your hairs will then be lighter and no longer noticeable!


This stuff rocks if you are in a time pinch and don’t have time to get electrolysis or a waxing session in. The only con is that this method does not have long lasting results, you will have to repeat the bleaching process in one to two weeks.


ELECTROLYSIS – This is what I do besides bleaching as far as my upper lip goes because over time, after multiple electrolysis sessions, the dark hairs begin to stop even growing back at all.


Basically the technician puts on these super magnified goggles and sticks a thin little needle into your hair folicle, they slightly open the folicle and tweeze the entire hair out – this is where waxing and electrolysis are different, waxing doesn’t remove the entire folicle prompting it to just grow back dark and fast. It sounds totally painful and it is if you go while on your period and if you don’t get the numbing cream. Your technician should have numbing cream you can buy and you just apply 45 minutes prior to your appointment, you should basically feel nothing if you use it.


Electrolysis is going to be worth the money because over time you will have to do less and less appointments as the hairs will stop growing back. You can get little white heads from this if you don’t keep your upper lip cleansed and away from dirt and grime after your appointment. This is cheaper than laser and can be more effective than constant waxing sessions.


SHAVING – First and foremost don’t do this with a razor you use for shaving your legs and underarms because that kind of razor has blades that are way too hard for your delicate upper lip!


There are more gentle shavers that are specifically meant for the face (pictured right) or you can buy an electronic one at places like Target for around $10-$12!


These facial shavers may not make your hairs grow back darker, but be aware that when I used one on my lower belly it did in fact make my hairs grow back black when they were light brown/blonde before. This may have happened because I have fair skin and blonde hair because my friend who has more of an olive complexion and brown hair uses an electric shaver on her upper lip and the hairs did not grow back darker. I suggest doing a test patch like I did on my lower belly hairs.


LASER – If you have naturally dark hair on your head and body, then laser can be a great choice for you. Being a blonde, my hair tends to grow out much lighter and unfortunately the laser doesn’t pick up hairs that aren’t naturally very dark. I do get laser on my lower belly hair which grows out darker than my upper lip hair for anyone curious, so just because you’re blonde doesn’t mean other parts of your body won’t have hair growth where the root of the hair is really dark.


You will lay down and the laser technician will apply this clear gel (it reminded me of what they put on pregnant bellies when they are doing an ultrasound, lol) to the place you are getting your laser done on and then they take a tool that looks similar to the one that the doctors use while performing an ultrasound and they start going over the hairs. It feels like you are getting flicked with a rubber band over and over again. Different parts of your body are more sensitive than others, also do not go in on your period, your entire body will be sensitive then!


If you can afford it and you have spots on your body where the hairs are really dark then I say for sure go for it. I know that a lot of celebrities and bloggers utilize this method because over time the hairs stop growing back and you will eventually have really smooth skin! I would do this more if it wasn’t so expensive.

To conclude, I do think laser is the most effective as the hairs don’t grow back for a few months, I would then say your next best option is going to be electrolysis. If you are on a tight budget I would then suggest waxing, bleaching or shaving. These are all just my opinions due to years of testing out the different methods, so feel free to try them all and find what works best for you.


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