Why Do I Have Chest and Back Acne?

Hey guys! I thought today I would tackle the topic of body acne and give you some possible reasons as to why your chest and back might be breaking out, as I have struggled with this too. I have learned a lot of different possible reasons as to why chest and back acne develops and I want to share my knowledge with you along with giving you some tips to help stop your breakout!

1) You’re not showering after your workout

Whether you just started working out a lot or it is just a part of your daily routine, sweating and then not showering immediately after your workout could be the cause of your breakouts. Letting your sweat dry on you under your workout clothes after your workout as you drive to your favorite juice spot is probably the reason your skin is getting clogged. So I suggest showering at the gym and then getting your post-workout drink or just heading straight home and washing off that sweat!

2) You aren’t washing your sheets & pillow cases enough  

Yep, this really does make the biggest difference in the world. Try washing your sheets and pillow cases once a week because as we sleep on them night after night the oils, the makeup you forgot to take off last night because you were just too tired and the dirt and grime from each day keeps building up every time we get into bed. Give them a wash and I bet you’ll notice a difference in your skin.

Also: If you’re sleeping in the same pjs every single night this has the same affect as the sheets! So change up your sleepwear nightly.

3) You are washing your hair after you wash your face and body  


This is one of the biggest contributors to chest and back acne build up. A lot of those cheap drugstore shampoos and conditioners have chemicals in them that leave a waxy build up on your chest and back (and also in your hair.) It may seem as though you have washed it off of your skin before you get out, but really there is a thin layer on your skin that will continue to build up with each shampoo. I say wash your hair first and then cleanse your skin!

4) You are eating unhealthy foods and not drinking water


Believe it or not this can be the only reason you are getting chest and back acne. Water and a healthy diet are crucial to your skin’s appearance. Try to change up your diet a bit and eat more things like blueberries, almonds, walnuts, salmon and dark leafy greens like spinach. Don’t forget to load up on veggies too, things like asparagus, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots are great for your skin!

5) You are stressing like crazy

If you are stressing big time about something in your life right now that can also be the cause of your breakout. Unfortunately this one is not as easy to fix as just throwing your sheets in the wash, but you can try some different things to destress. My favorite stress-relievers include working out, taking a hot bath, doing yoga, praying, talking to someone that I am close to, or scheduling a facial that is targeted to the breakout! Also, remember that things may be tough right now but they won’t have you feeling this way forever. Things change on a dime and also get better as time goes on. Always be grateful for what you have right now and remember that you are so blessed to be alive and breathing!

6) You are using new skin care product


If you just switched to new skin care products this can defs be causing your breakout because your skin may not like the new products. Give your new products a 2 week trial run and if you are still breaking out after that, then I suggest switching back to what you used before or seeing a Dermatologist and asking their opinion. By the way, if you are in the market for a new skin care line then I highly suggest trying Dermalogica products. They are all Dermatologist recommended, gentle for the skin and not full of fake chemicals.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you out!

– Alexa


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