5 Tips For Growing Your Hair

Hi everyone, today I am giving you my top 5 tips for growing your hair as I cut my hair collar-bone length a few years back and I was desperate to grow it long again because I personally liked the longer hair look on myself. I wanted it to grow FAST, so I did the things I am going to talk about below and I actually ended up growing it quite a few inches in just 6 months.

Here are 5 things that I did to help my hair grow long, strong and fast!

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NYX Lip Liner | Swatch & Review

Hi everyone, I am actually in love with the NYX Cosmetics lip liners; just their regular $4 ones! I line my lips with them and then I apply the Maybelline Color Elixir lip gloss in “Nude Lust” on top and it basically stays for a good 3-4 hours and isn’t super sticky or gross feeling on the lips.

Here are some pictures of the lip liner “Espresso” by NYX.

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PacSun High Waisted Shorts

Hi loves, these are honestly my favorite pair of shorts ever. I got them from PacSun a little while ago and they are beyond comfortable!

Here are a few pictures I got of them the other day. I am in love with the zipper in the back and I also wanted to say don’t be too hesitant to try on fitted shorts like these, they can really surprise you and actually fit totally amazing. 🙂

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