5 Tips For Growing Your Hair

Hi everyone, today I am giving you my top 5 tips for growing your hair as I cut my hair collar-bone length a few years back and I was desperate to grow it long again because I personally liked the longer hair look on myself. I wanted it to grow FAST, so I did the things I am going to talk about below and I actually ended up growing it quite a few inches in just 6 months.

Here are 5 things that I did to help my hair grow long, strong and fast!

1) Biotin Pills

I went to a nutrition supplement store and bought a bottle of Biotin pills; they were about 5,000 0r 10,000 mg per capsule. It is important to get a larger dosage of mcg per capsule as it will really speed up your hair growing process.

2) No Heat Tools

I went for months on end without putting a hot tool to my hair and that helped me major as it allowed my hair to be healthy and not develop damaged ends that wouldn’t grow. Also, try to not put your hair up in a bun or tight pony tail, especially when it it is wet, as this can damage your hair thus stunting growth. You might just have to go for a few months wearing fabric/silk headbands, hats and clips that pull your hair back and don’t damage it.

3) Quality Shampoo & Conditioner

I switched over to a “cleaner” shampoo and conditioner that was not from the drugstore and it really did help my hair not get a thick build-up of waxy residue from the chemicals in the drugstore shampoos and it helped my hair to breathe better and stay healthier overall. I know that shampoo and conditioner can get expensive af, but if you want to grow your hair I suggest investing in it for just a few months, let your hair grow and then switch back to what you were using before.

I currently use the Aveda Shampure shampoo and conditioner and it really helps my hair feel soft, clean and healthy. Shampure is made to clean out the residue build up from the cheaper shampoos and to help alleviate the affects of having hard/bad water.

4) Healthy Foods

While products are good for your hair health, it is even more important to treat your hair right from the inside out and that starts with eating good, nutritious foods! I suggest cutting back on fast-foods, desserts, pizza, etc. and try to eat more brown rice, salmon, vegetables and fruits. This will benefit you in more ways than just your hair growth, so I suggest giving it a try if you are really serious about gaining length.


This is just as important, possibly even more important, than eating healthy foods. We are made up of such a large percentage of water as is, it is crucial to hair growth and glowing skin that you are upping your water intake. If you think water is super boring, then I suggest try adding in some fruit to it and even stevia to make it sweeter and taste less like regular water!


I suggest doing coconut oil hair masks around 3 times a week as this supposedly can really help repair some of the damage to your hair. I love doing coconut oil hair masks because after I shower my hair feels so soft! I just put the coconut oil in my hair and tie it in a loose, low bun for around 20 minutes, then I wash it out and use the Shampure like I normally would.

There you have it, those are my top 5 hair-growing tips! I hope you got some ideas from this post and I hope your hair grows very quickly if that is what your goal is. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love short hair, but I personally feel like long hair suits me better so that is the only reason I was desperate to grow it back. Tbh, my hair is like a security blanket to me when it is long and after I got it cut I felt so not me, lol. Thank you for reading!!

– Alexa

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