Yardhouse Restaurant Review

Hi guys, I am actually in love with this restaurant and I was just recently there the other day with my mom! I took some pictures of the food we ordered because what we got was delicious and I highly recommend you try it if you ever can get to a Yardhouse. There are tons of locations so just check out their website and see if there is one near you.

Here is everything we ordered! Sweet potato fries, hot and spicy edamame and truffle fries.

Here are the sweet potato fries in more detail… They come with a cream cheese bacon maple dipping sauce which is crazy delicious, but I personally try to not eat too much of it because it is so high in sugar and has a lot of dairy so I just eat a little bit of it.

Here are the truffle fries… Don’t even get me started on these, my mom and I ordered ANOTHER one after we finished them, they were that good. Out of anything on the entire menu, I would suggest trying these… seriously.

Lastly, here is the Hot and Spicy Edamame. Please ignore the little fuzz on the edamame, it is nothing gross, just part of the edamame plant! These were not that spicy to me, but our waitress thought they were super spicy, so I guess it just depends on how sensitive you are to spices.

That aside, these were so good and they give you a good portion size! Oh and don’t forget to mix them around when you get them because all of the good sauce is at the bottom of the dish!

That’s it, thank you for reading and let me know if you have ever been and what your favorite thing off their menu is!

– Alexa