The Best Dessert EVER

Yes, the title rings true. I went to this restaurant the other night called Mackenzie River Pizza Co. and they have this dessert called the Mack Lovin’ and the website describes it as, “Gooey chocolate chip cookies in a piping hot skillet with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.” Simply, it’s heavenly.I forgo the ice cream of course, but you don’t even need it to enjoy this dessert. I ate this two years ago and my family and we have all been thinking about it since, so we went back the other night and got it! We actually ordered three of them because there was six of us who went to get it. If you can get one… GET ONE. You won’t be sorry.


Sorry my scooping skills are beyond weak in that video, I was way to excited to eat my next bite, lol. Thanks for reading!

– Alexa

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