Restaurant Review: Five On Black

Hi everyone! I recently went to this restaurant called Five On Black and it was so good. It is set up like a Chipotle, but only has one menu and you pick an item from each step to create your bowl. The website describes the restaurant as “a fast casual Brazilian restaurant bringing fresh, healthy, fast, convenient, and inexpensive dining experience,” which literally describes it perfectly.


A picture of me way too excited excited to order my food.

How cool is this?! It is in the back of the restaurant.

IMG_6783I am absolutely in love with the overall design and decor of this place, it is such a cool vibe and I would eat here multiple times a week if I could!


Here is the menu and I actually love it because it makes deciding what you want that much easier and I find it to be way less overwhelming then other fast-casual restaurants with loads of options. Also, I can’t remember the price exactly but I got the regular sized bowl and it was around $9.00.

1465400318226WHAT I ORDERED

Very excited about my food.

IMG_6786IMG_6807I ordered brown rice, black beans, half chicken and half beef with a lime wedge.IMG_6805I also got the Mango BBQ sauce which was amazing. It tastes like a lighter, sweeter BBQ sauce. It doesn’t have that heavy corn syrup flavor that regular BBQ sauce has.IMG_6808IMG_6806THESE ARE AMAZING. They are Brazilian cheese bread also called Pao De Queijo and we literally ordered two dozen… I have a lot of family members OKAY?IMG_6815By the way, these are GLUTEN FREE. It is beyond refreshing to be able to eat something so delicious and also know that it is gluten free.


The workers were so nice, the atmosphere was amazing, clean and cool. I loved the set up of the menu and the food was so good! My meal was delicious and I wish I was eating it right now. I would recommend this place to anyone and it is also priced really well which makes me love it even more. If you’re not into Brazilian food, just go and get the cheese balls… you won’t be sorry.


P.S. shoutout to Chloey for taking all the pictures of the restaurant while I was ordering. You’re literally a pro and I miss you!

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