Restaurant Review: Salty Senorita

Hi again! Today’s post is a restaurant review of the Salty Senorita located in Old Town Scottsdale. I am going to attach some of our food pictures below and describe what the food is and I’m also going to talk a little bit more about the environment/atmosphere of the restaurant itself! Let’s get to it…


Salty Senorita has such a cute outdoor seating arrangement, here is a picture of it from their website. I never actually went inside the restaurant when I was there so I can’t talk for the indoor atmosphere, but outside was super chic and fun.


Ahh yes, my favorite part. My whole family went with to eat there so I have quite a few food pictures…

Okay I know I can’t believe I got a salad at a Mexican food restaurant either, but I was just feeling it OKAY. I got the steak salad and it was actually delicious, I rarely ever eat steak and I did not finish all that they served me, but I did eat a little bit of it with the salad and it was seriously good.

This is the Chicken Tinga Burrito Bowl and it has calypso beans, pico, Chipotle crema and cilantro tomatillo rice. Again, this was another super good meal that will most likely be reordered when we go back. My brother ordered this, but if I had I would’ve ordered a side of corn tortillas with it, SO GOOD.

This is the Iron Skillet Chicken Fajita and it’s not only super good, but it’s literally beautiful. As you can tell so far, this restaurant understands what a restaurant portion size should look like! We pay so much for one meal at restaurants and I can’t stand when they literally give you a two-bite portion size like hello I typically eat family size products by myself, this is not working.

Okay, so from what I can remember this was a customized order of rice, beans, guacamole and cheese with a side of soft shell tacos. I don’t think there was chicken, beef, fish etc. ordered with this, just what is pictured!


That is it! Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments if you have been to this restaurant/plan to go to it and what you ordered. 🙂

– Alexa

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