The Westin Hotel Review

Hi everyone, today’s post is a review of the hotel, The Westin, located in the heart of Chicago right next to places like Topshop, Uniqlo and The Cheesecake Factory! I stayed at this hotel not long ago when I went to Chicago and I loved it.


This is what the room looked like right as you walked in the door, we got a room with a view of the city and quite honestly having that view made all the difference in the world.

Here are the beds and you can kind of get more of a feel for the type of decorating that is present throughout the room. The only thing that bothered me is how oddly placed the pictures behind the headboards are. They are so off-centered and awkward looking it bugs me, but I’m weird so maybe that is just me.

Opposite the beds there is a nice TV and in the those doors on the left is a mini fridge and a little cabinet! On the right side, those three drawers are storage for clothes which I personally never use hotel drawers to put my clothes in when I travel. I don’t know why, I just like to have my clothes stay in my suitcase and also, I don’t know why I am telling you about my clothing storage habits.

The bathroom was one of my favorite parts of the room, it was so chic I mean look at that mirror… AMAZING. It was also great selfie lighting if I may say so myself. Low-key hate myself for just saying that, LOL.

Everything was really clean and nice when we arrived and the service was great. There is a Starbucks and gift shop in the lobby and they give you individual Starbucks coffee filters for the coffee you brew in the room yourself. I honestly have no complaints about this hotel and I definitely suggest it.

Thanks for reading!