My Ab Workout

Hi guys, here is one of my favorite ab workouts! You can do it at the gym or at home and if you want to make it harder you can always increase your reps and sets and add an actual weight in or just hold a textbook. Also for those of you asking, my booty workout will be coming very soon. 🙂

This video is sped up a little bit so make sure that you go slow when you do each rep; it is more effective. I do 3 sets of 30, but if you are a beginner maybe try doing 3 sets of 15 to start and each day you can add in more reps!

Also, I use a bosu ball to elevate my body in the first exercise but you don’t need one, it just adds a level of difficulty. If you really want to elevate your body and make it harder, try using short step stool or something like that.

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