How I Meal Prep

Hi guys, so I love to meal prep mainly because during the school week I will not eat or I will eat unhealthy, fast food if I do not have any meals prepped and with me because I am so busy. So here are some pictures of the food I typically make for my meals that I eat during the week when I prep them on Sunday!

IMG_4972 (1).jpgHere is the meal that I make most of the time and eat for lunch and dinner during the week. It’s cajun chicken, broccoli and quinoa and I go back and forth between quinoa and rice all the time! I portion out 1/2 cup for grains when I put everything in the containers.IMG_4848IMG_4970I always season my chicken with cajun seasoning because it is my favorite and I never get sick of it! I don’t cook my chicken in oil either, I just spray the pan and cook it like that. I portion out about 3 ounces of chicken when I put everything in the containers.IMG_4969For this specific week I also made ground turkey to have some variety and I just seasoned it with taco seasoning. I’ll write a whole other post on meal prep ideas as well, but this post is just to give you an idea of what I made for this week.IMG_4971Lastly, I just steamed some broccoli and put it in all of my containers that I get from Costco!IMG_4972 (1)I store them all in my fridge and eat them for my lunch and dinner throughout the week! I hope this helps you if you want to start meal prepping. Doing this keeps me feeling toned and gives me all of the nutrients I’d other wise miss if I was eating unhealthy and/or skipping meals because I don’t have the time to cook everyday.

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