My Grocery List Essentials

Hey lil boo’s, I thought I would share with you guys what my grocery list essentials are. Basically this is a list of everything that I would buy if I had no groceries in my house!

Chicken (boneless, skinless) // Lean Ground Turkey // Salmon // Tilapia

Broccoli // Red Bell Peppers // Cauliflower // Asparagus // Sweet Potatoes // Spring Mix // Spinach

Apples (organic) // Frozen Mangoes // Frozen Mixed Berries // Bananas // Avocados

Quinoa // Brown Rice // 100% Whole Wheat Noodles or Edamame Noodles // 100% Whole Grain Bread // Unsalted Mixed Nuts // Craisins

Peanut Butter (organic) // Hummus (<4 ingredients) // Unsweetened Almond Milk

Olive Oil // Cajun Seasonings // Stevia // Balsamic Vinegar

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