Hi this is random and weird just like me, but I thought I’d post pictures of food I ate in the past few months. I’ve been extremely unhealthy! Enjoy!


IMG_6881Sushi with Tammy^IMG_6756Fudge with Tammy^IMG_6750Jamaican food with Tammy^IMG_6584Lobster Mac n cheese with my family on my 21st birthday^IMG_6638Hush puppies, artichoke dip, sausage, calamari and shrimp Mac n cheese with my brother and his girlfriend^IMG_6566Cuban food with Tammy and Carley on my 21st birthday^IMG_6408Orange chicken, rice and summer salad with and made by Ariana^IMG_6439Homemade cinnamon rolls with and made by Tammy^IMG_6562Me, Carley and mango mimosa’s on my 21st birthday. Yes, the vine reference is a joke.IMG_3822Mac n cheese burger with BBQ sauce^IMG_4054Cheeseburger with fries in it of course with Tammy^IMG_4082Donuts with Tammy^IMG_4219Canes Tammy bought me^IMG_5138Famous Daves ribs, Mac n cheese and fries with Savannah^IMG_5438Fried chicken sandwiches and Mac n cheese with Tammy^

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