10 Fun Date Ideas

Hi guys! I haven’t been writing many posts like this recently and I thought that it would be a fun one to do, so with that being said, here are 10 fun date ideas!

  1. Museum day – go to tons of museums, look at the stuff in them and take fun pictures.

  2. Ice skating – get ya mans on the ice and laugh the night away at how skating is not easy.

  3. Paint and wine – many places offer couples painting and you can drink wine while you do it which makes it even more fun, lol.

  4. Go to an imax screening – I personally am a freak for learning. I love documentaries and informational movies and shows, so my idea of a great date is at an imax theater learning about ancient Egypt and the mummies or something along those lines.

  5. Aerial yoga or any fitness class – try something new like a boxing class or aerial yoga. It can be so fun working out and trying a new form of exercise together!

  6. Do something spontaneous – go to a random, cheap concert the night of, go to a restaurant you both never thought you’d try… yes these are simple, but nobody out here got money like that so I’m not going to suggest catching a flight to an island.

  7. Have game night in – honestly I always forget how much fun board games can be and I love to just stay in, have a movie on and play board games. Even doing the gross jelly bean challenge game would be fun!

  8. Escape rooms – there are tons of escape rooms all over the country and they are a fun and challenging activity to do together. It also low-key shows how well you two work together… just saying.

  9. Go on a tour – if you are blessed enough to live in a state with a chocolate factory tour… GO. You get free samples. Otherwise just Google tours you can take around your city whether it be a brewery, food places, sweets or just a city tour. I honestly think it is fun to tour your own city and see things you never even knew existed.

  10. Trampoline park – this is so fun to go and do with your boo and then you can get food after. Otherwise look up different indoor parks around your city!

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