The Best Photo Editing Apps

Hi guys!! One of my favorite things to do is edit my photos after I have a photoshoot, so here are my favorite photo editing apps. Pretty much all of them are free, but I will state below the apps that are not. Enjoy!


I love this app because it allows you to change a lot of aspects and really narrow in on details of your photograph.

POLARR (free)

Best. Filters. App. Ever. This app has the widest range of filters you will find and they are actually amazing. You can adjust the intensity of them, change saturation, brightness, add grain and more!


This app is awesome if you want to smooth something in your photograph, add a filter, control colors, whiten a wall (if that is your theme), flip your photograph and more! I try to not use the smoothing filter on myself too much because I do want to look like my Instagram photos in real life, but I definitely have overused it before to create a more artistic, high def looking image and that is totally okay! Edit your photos to make YOU happy.

VSCO (free)

I really only use like three of their filters in this app, but the three are very good. I also use this app to add grain to an image or change the overall tone of it, fix brightness, etc.

HUJI (free)

This is not a photo editing app, but it takes your pictures as though they are on a film camera so it does give your images a whole other look. I highly recommend this app, I love it so much!

That’s it for now! I hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful!! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite editing apps are and if you already use any of the ones mentioned above.

– Alexa



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