5 Ways To Exercise Without Working Out

The last thing I want to do after work and class is workout, so I try to incorporate ways into my daily routine that I can get exercise in while not actually doing a full workout. Keep reading if you want to know how I get a strong core and extra cardio in by just tweaking little things in my routine! 

  1. Always take the stairs – This really adds up overtime and can be a good butt workout while also being great cardio.
  2. Walk around with ankle weights on – You can get these at Target, on Amazon, at sporting goods stores and more! I love to just walk around with them on at my house as it tones your inner and outer thighs and tightens your core.
  3. Use an exercise ball as your desk chair – I sit on one of these at my desk while I study, do homework or write blog posts. This will help with your posture and strengthen your core.
  4. Get off the bus one stop early/park far away – This is one of the best ways to burn extra calories; it really does add up over time.
  5. Do kickbacks while washing the dishes – While you are standing at your sink washing your dishes (this causes you to stand longer and get more exercise if you wash them by hand), do kickbacks and build your booty! Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and kick your heels straight back to engage your booty.

    That’s it, thanks for reading! I hope you found these tips helpful and put them to use. 🙂

– Alexa

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