How To Tell If He Wants To Date You

You. Will. Know. I cannot tell you how much experience I have gained learning the male mentality over the years and I can tell you right now that if a man wants you, you will know.

There will be no questioning, no wondering and no waiting. A man who knows what he wants is probably one of the sexiest traits he could possess and any man who is mature enough will not leave you wondering and confused. He will make it known that you are the one on his mind.

Please wait for the man who treats you like this, the man who doesn’t leave you laying in bed, upset and desperately checking your phone to see if he has texted you… if he has thought of you. Please just ignore this type of guy, show them who you are and that you have no time for bullshit.

There are few things more admirable than a woman who stands up for what she believes in and more importantly, who stands up for herself. The love of your life is out there, this world is h u g e. Perhaps it is time you start looking in new places, start focusing on yourself and begin to discover all that this world holds.

2018 is the year to stop waiting around for indecisive men to make a decision, men too weak to tell women directly how they feel and instead leave them in a state of confusion and sadness. You can do anything. Do not limit yourself. Go get what you deserve.

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