The Best Makeup Remover For Under $10

Hi guys! The best makeup remover I have ever used and will only use now is… raw coconut oil! You can get this anywhere, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and more. 

Coconut oil removes all of your makeup with one application and wipes off as the oil dissolves the makeup and makes it very easy to remove. Coconut oil is also a lot healthier for your skin and your eyes than traditional makeup removers that are packed with random, scary ingredients.

Coconut oil also promotes collagen production and leaves your skin feeling super soft. I always make sure to wipe all of it off of my skin just because I have sensitive skin and want nothing irritating it and creating acne or clogged pores, but I have been using this as a makeup remover for years and I have had no issues and no clogged pores.

This also is a very good moisturizer for your eyelashes and eyebrows, some even claim that it helps their eyelashes grow!

I highly recommend trying this out and seeing if you like using it as your makeup remover, it also becomes more cost effective because a jar of it lasts for so long.

Thanks for reading!

– Alexa

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