God Doesn’t Promise A Perfect Life

God doesn’t promise us a perfect life, but He does promise us guidance, love, and peace through the rough parts and through the amazing parts. His love is everlasting and surrounding you constantly.

Do you pray and pray and pray and yet, He doesn’t seem to answer you? Then you become frustrated? The thing is, is God doesn’t work that way. He will provide you with something better than you originally asked for, something that you never even considered and he knows that it will lead you down a path with a lot less heartache than what you originally had been praying for…if you choose to wait and allow his plans for you to come to fruition.

You have to put your trust in Him and His plan, He is not here to knock you down and ruin your life. We have free will, we make our own choices. The way that I avoid a lot of problems is by trying to live like Him and loosely trying to live by the Ten Commandments. No, I don’t mean live like a silenced nun. You are allowed to be a Christian and still have fun, but when I say live like Him, I mean be peaceful, be loving, honest and accepting of everyone. Don’t anger quickly and speak poorly on others, don’t waste your time talking about other people, picking their every inch apart, try and make the right choices with situations you have control over and you will find yourself in a much greater peace.

I am not perfect, I have talked about people, I have said vile things I shouldn’t have, I have sinned and angered quickly, but He will forgive as soon as you ask for forgiveness and mean it. He will forgive you over and over and over again, He will always protect you and love you, I can promise that.

Start trying to put your trust in Him, give your problems, sadness and anxieties to Him. We are not supposed to be able to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, we have Him to alleviate some of the weight!

Have peace my love, everything will be okay. He is there, He is listening to you. Have patience and trust in your heart that everything happens for a reason and know you will never be given something you cannot get through.

– Alexa

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