Chicago | Things To Do, Where To Stay, Ways To Save

Hi guys! This is a new series I thought I would start. I have been to quite a few different places and plan to go to more, so I thought why not share with you guys things to do in these places, where to stay and ways to save. Hope you enjoy! 



  1. Download Hotel Tonight! You can book months in advanced and you can also book the night before. The rates will be lowered because you are filling a room that was not booked.
  2. Get an airbnb. This also ties in with how to get to Chicago; if you don’t want to spend the money flying there and drive instead, you are going to need parking for your car which can be $45+ per day at a hotel or lot, so if you get an airbnb it is likely it will have parking for free!
  3. I would recommend the Hyatt and the Westin if you want a nice hotel on Magnificent Mile. The first one I went to closed down I believe and changed to another hotel.


  1. Take the greyhound bus or train. This can be really cheap depending on where you are coming from.
  2. Fly. If you book far enough in advanced, you can likely find some really cheap tickets – especially if you are okay going during a time that is not when all the tourists go.
  3. Drive. Be aware of the tolls you have to go through at different points and pay for. If you skip them, you could be charged if they catch it on camera. They aren’t expensive at all, so I’d just pay for them!


  1. Bring some groceries if you drive. Otherwise, once you get there run to a local grocery store and pick up a few things you can make in your airbnb or hotel. This will save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t need to be eating out for every meal. EXTRA TIP: book a hotel with complementary breakfast and throw some things in your purse while you are at it for later, LOL.
  2. Go with someone. You can split everything this way then! Plus, it is more safe especially if you are female.
  3. If you can find the right rates, booking a hotel along magnificent mile is great because the majority of everything you want is walking distance and you don’t have to pay for Ubers.



  1. The Bean, of course!
  2. The Signature at the 95th. This is a substitute for going to the Skydeck… you know that plexiglass box that protrudes out from the side of the building and you can sit in it and stare straight down? That place is $25 per person for the general admission, the line to get up there is hella long and just not worth it in my opinion. The Signature is a very expensive restaurant, but you can go to the top and there is a bar that has glass windows surrounding the whole thing, for free! The women’s bathroom is awesome too, the wall in it is a full-length glass window.
  3. The Navy Pier… when the weather is warm! There is food, a ferris wheel, little shops and more.
  4. Aquariums – specifically the Shedd Aquarium
  5. The Art Institute of Chicago
  6. Magnificent Mile – SHOPPING!
  7. Lou Malnati’s… best deep dish pizza… YA GOTTA GO.

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