Workout of the Night 1.0

Here is the workout I am doing for tonight! My approach is: simple and build. I hate not working out for a long time and thinking I have a grueling workout ahead of me – makes me want to quit before I start.

Consistently doing these workouts each night (they take 20 mins) will give you results if you eat well and build up reps and sets over time and incorporate weights.

Try this one out in a private space like a bedroom and get your sweat on! P.S. the less time you take between sets, the more you burn and speed up your metabolism.


10 Burpees

20 Jump Lunges

15 Sumo Squats

24 Walking Lunges

Repeat this 3 times and finish with “air jump roping” as I like to call it, lol. Short ceilings and long jump ropes don’t mix well, just mimic the form of jump roping and try to go for 2 mins straight and then finish the next 2 after!

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