How To Eat Clean

Hi guys! So for the past six months I have been eating terrible and so has my best friend Carley. We finally had enough and decided to make a switch to eating healthy, so I wrote up some clean eating guidelines that she and I try to follow and I wanted to share with you all what they are. This post is very much a brief overview, so if you would like me to go into more detail let me know! Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Five On Black

Hi everyone! I recently went to this restaurant called Five On Black and it was so good. It is set up like a Chipotle, but only has one menu and you pick an item from each step to create your bowl. The website describes the restaurant as “a fast casual Brazilian restaurant bringing fresh, healthy, fast, convenient, and inexpensive dining experience,” which literally describes it perfectly. Continue reading

The Best Dessert EVER

Yes, the title rings true. I went to this restaurant the other night called Mackenzie River Pizza Co. and they have this dessert called the Mack Lovin’ and the website describes it as, “Gooey chocolate chip cookies in a piping hot skillet with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.” Simply, it’s heavenly. Continue reading